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An Abbreviated History of Saturna’s First OCP:
In Memory of Walter Bavis

xWalter Bavis -24- March.pdf
A memoir was written by an unknown author about the life of Walter Bavis, who lived from 14 Dec 1906 - 9 Mar 2006. it talks about his contributions and his involvement with the official community plan (OCP). The article was originally written for the Scribbler.

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Saturna Lions Club Article for Scribbler

The Saturna Lions Club- Carol Money.pdf
This is an article written by Carol Money for the Saturna Scribbler about some of the history of the Lions Club.

Aerial Photograph of Eastpoint

An aerial photograph was taken of Eastpoint from a plane.

50th Wedding Celebration of Joan and James Georgeson

50th wedding celebration of Joan and James Georgeson.jpg
An article written about the 50th wedding celebration of Joan and James Georgeson.

On January 8, on Saturna Island, at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Arthur Ralph, was held a little gathering of merriment in honor of the golden wedding day of Mrs. James Georgeson, of Saturna Island.
The home was charmingly decorated for the…

Granny Georgeson

Granny Georgeson.JPG
Granny Georgeson sit on the steps at a house (currently unknown location).


Eddie Ried with Car and Shot Deer

Eddie Ried.JPG
Eddie Ried is standing with his shot deer and car.

To Live on an Island Article

To live on an island PDF.pdf
Article from Macleans. Written by Mckenzie Porter.

Reads as;

To live on an island
The rocky, grassy, arborial hummocks which support their homes are described in most travel folders as “a string of jewels” and, more accurately on the charts used by the daily CPR steamers between Vancouver and Victoria as…

Saturna Medical Clinic History

A write-up about the Saturna Medical Clinic.
As follows;

In the early days, medical services were obtained mainly by going to Saltspring Island, Mayne Island, Victoria, and Vancouver mostly by boat or seaplane. Dr. Hallows purchased Trevor Island and later a house on nearby Saturna Island and offered medical services from his house and…

A story about Jim Money

Jim Money Sr. - 2.pdf
This is a written story about Jim Money's life and his parents' history. this is based on notes from Carol Money and John Money.

Saturna's Nurses

L-R; Denna Curwen, Bea Bruce, Lorna Archer-Quinn


Saturna's Nurses

In memory of Saturna's Nurses.

L-R; Polly Howarth, Marjorie Ratzlaff, Hazel Piper


View of outside the Old Medical Clinic

What the outside of the old medical clinic looked like.


Outside the Old Medical Clinic

This is the outside view of the old medical clininc.


Counters from inside the Medical Clinic

These are the counters from inside the old medial clinic on Saturna.


Inside of the old Medical Clininc

This is a view of the old Medical Clinic on Saturna.


Old Medical Clinic

This is what the old medical clinic used to look like back in 2005.

Kate Vigneault

Kate Vigneault presenting a SWSC book gift to Reaghan Sohier/Gaines at the Saturna Elementary School.

Christmas Gift Bags

Back row : Bev Lowsley, Kathy Stonehouse, Jane Dixon Warren, Geri Crooks, Bettianne Hayward, Nancy Gerber, Judy Tipple

Front row: Jean Morgan, Donna Digance, Gaye Oreskovic

Women's Service Club Logo

SWSC Logo.jpg
Logo designed by Donna-Fay Dignace for the Women's Club

Year-end Luncheon

Left front: Jody Bavis, Lorraine Campbell, Sandra Koochin, Lorna Archer Quinn, Jane Dixon Warren
Right front: Diane Robertson, Marie m
Mackie, Sandy Crowley.