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Eddie Reid with a Shot Deer
Eddie Reid poses with a shot deer at Narvaez Bay

Land Deed for Community Club
The deed signing over the land to the Community Club to build the Community Hall--Signed by Arthur Ralph.

Flight Receipt
Receipt for flight from Lyall Harbour to Victoria.

Gloria Manzano in Front of Boot Cove Store
Picture of Gloria Manzano in the snow in front of her grandfather's store.

Gloria Manzano and Arthur Ralph
Picture of Gloria Manzano with her grandfather Arthur Ralph at Narvaez Bay.

Harry and May Georgeson Family
Accompanying note reads "Taken at Fort Lock Point Lighthouse Prevost Island. From left to right: Florence Georgeson, unknown, unknown, Harry Georgeson, May Georgeson, Margaret Georgeson. Circa 1943."

Walter Ratzlaff Portrait
Portrait of Walter Ratzlaff in uniform.

In the Garden
Possibly Roberta Georgeson and unknown girl. Pink colouration not part of photo. Note on back reads "Saturna".

Two Men with a String of Fish
Tom Ayres (left) with his brother-in-law, Dennis Singleton. Tom and Violet Ayres lived in Boot Cove during this time period. Tom ran a logging business on the island, his log dump was located in Boot Cove.

Jim and Charlie Campbell
Jim Campbell and his brother Charlie Campbell at Saturna Beach

Joan Ralph, Margaret Denham and Bunty the Dog
Joan Ralph, Margaret Denham (nee Ralph) and Bunty the Dog in front of the Ralph house in the head of Little Bay (Narvaez Bay). Accompanying note reads, "18 yrs."