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Saturna Beach
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Jim Campbell in a Row Boat
Jim Campbell rowing to the Ann Elizabeth

Jim Campbell Rowing
Jim Campbell in a row boat at Saturna Beach

"An Armada of Pleasure Boats"
Newspaper article: 1 pg. Article about Canada Day Lamb Barbecue

"20th Annual Saturna Island Lamb Barbecue"
2 Newspaper articles. Articles about Lamb Barbecue event.

"Waterfront Scene as Scores of Boats Arrive at Saturna"
Photograph; bw. Photo of people arriving on boats to lamb barbecue

Newspaper clippings with images. Relating to Lamb Barbecue

2 Photographs; bw. Images of Saturna Island Lamb Barbecue

Lamb Barbecue Misc. Photos
2 Photographs; bw. Images of Saturna Island Lamb Barbecue

Photograph; bw. Image of boats in harbour for Lamb Barbecue event

Entering Boot Cove
Dolly Payne (young woman on the left), and Katherine (Polly) Bradley-Dyne coming into Boot Cove on a boat.

Harold Payne
Image shows a man sitting in a sailboat. Note reads, "Harold. Varuna".

Image shows three men on a sailboat. Note reads, "Varuna"—Harold Payne’s boat.

Men on a Boat
Image shows two men in a sailboat. Possibly in Veruna Bay.

Men on a Sailboat
Image shows two men standing in a sailboat. Possibly in Veruna Bay.

Harold Payne’s boat, “Varuna”.

Breezy Bay
Image shows three women and one infant in a rowboat at Breezy Bay

Breezy Bay
Image shows an infant in a rowboat and a woman nearby at Breezy Bay beach.

Fiddler’s Cove
Image shows part of a rowboat and a point of land from the water. Note reads, "Fiddler's Cove + East Point"

Isobel Payne
Isobel Payne in a row boat in Breezy Bay. Note reads, "Miss Isobel Payne"