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The Campbells
Jim Campbell with his sister Mim McKinnon and brother Charlie Campbell

Jimmy, Tom, and Nan Campbell
Jim, Tom and Nan Campbell sitting together as young children

Jim and Jacques Campbell
Jim Campbell with Jacques Campbell on a tractor

Jim and Charlie Campbell
Jim Campbell and his brother Charlie Campbell at Saturna Beach

Jim and Lorraine Campbell
Jim and Lorraine Campbell in front of their home

Octogenarian Pioneers Entertains on Birthday
Photograph, black and white, news clipping

Harold and Hubert Payne's 80th Birthday
The Payne family together for twins, Harold and Reverend Hubert's 80th birthday at Harold's home in Deep Bay.

Margaret Payne, Fred Pollard, Margo Irving, Reg Payne, Nona Payne, Richard Pollard, Dora Payne, Audrey Pollard, Sally (Pollard) Hemeon, Chris Pollard, Visitor Boy.
Katie (Payne) Bradley-Dyne, Elizabeth (Bess) Payne, Jessie (Ryle)…

Maude Family Portrait
L-R: Eustace Maude with baby Cyrene Maude, Ruth Maude, Mrs. Grace Maude and George Maude.

Note on front reads, "1891 - Maude family." Note on back reads, "R. [illegible name] Maude."

The Maude Family
The Maude Family at Point Comfort Hotel, Mayne Island. L-R Back: George Maude, Mrs. Maude, Ruth Payne (nee Maude), Cyrene Maude. Front: Eustace Maude and Valerie Maude.

Note on back reads, "Mayne Is. Commander Eustace B. Maude, R.N. Point Comfort Hotel. George Maude (Capt. "Cy Peck" - Gulf Is. Run). Ruth (died 1914) married to Harold Payne)."

Harold Payne Family
Audrey Payne (left), Reginald Payne, Dora Payne, Margaret Payne, Jessie Payne (right). Note on back reads, "Jessie - Harold's second wife."

Arthur Ralph Jr., Arthur Ralph Sr., Margaret Denham
Image shows a man, a girl, and a boy posing in front of a fence. Accompanying note reads, "10 yrs."

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Sojourn at Saturna
Image of four adults and four children posing by a fence. Note on back reads, "Sojourn at Saturna. Back row Ray Roberta Jean Margaret . Front - Pat Laddie 'Bubbsy' Doug."
(nb "Margaret"would refer to Margaret Denham)

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Man holding an infant
Image of Art Ralph holding infant Gloria Manzano at Narvaez Bay

April '49
Image of Three adults and a young girl standing outdoors. Note on back reads, "April '49.
Boot Cove road. Jim Denham, Margaret Denham, Joan Ralph, Gloria Manzano (front)

Joan Georgeson holding baby Gloria
Image of Joan Georgeson holding an infant.

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Joan Ralph, Ernie Atkinson with three children
Image of three adults, two children, and a dog standing before a building.

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Family portrait
Joan Ralph (standing, left), Joan Georgeson (seated), Margaret Denham (right), Gloria Manzano (infant)

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Georgeson Family Portrait

Family Portrait
Georgeson family portrait.

The Maude Family
Maude Family at Point Comfort Hotel, Mayne Island. L-R back: George Maude and Ruth Payne (nee Maude, Harold Payne's wife). L-R front: Valerie Maude, Mrs. Maude, Eustace Maude, Cyrene Maude.