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Desiree and Santa

Here is Desiree Money, in her mouse costume for the Christmas play, getting a delightful present.
The Saturna Lions Club always provided a Santa Claus and someone to hand out the presents at the school's Christmas Concert. Lion Bob Rodway, as Santa Claus, and Lion Ian MacNeil as Santa's Helper did this job for many, many years.

Lions Remembrance Day Ceremony

L-R: Chelsea Money, Maryrose Paulin, Nancy Gerber, Wayne Quinn, unknown Lions dignitary.

Standing during the Lions Remembrance day ceremony.

Grant Dickey and Ingrid Gaines

Grant Dickey & Ingrid Gaines celebrating at the Lions Christmas event.

Two Lions Club Members

Linda Sohier & Kathy Stonehouse socializing as the Christmas Lions event.

Christmas Speech

Lion President Wayne Quinn stands at a podium during the Lions Club Christmas event.

Lions Club Members on Remembrance Day

L-R: Unknown female, unknown male: both off island Lion dignitaries, President Wayne Quinn, Secretary Chelsea Money, Ingrid Gaines

Members sit around a table as part of the Lion's remembrance day activities.

Lions Remembrance Day Ceremony

L-R: Mary Rose Paulin, Nancy Gerber, Chelsea Money, Wayne Quinn & unknown Lions dignitary from off-island.

The Lions remembrance day ceremony.

Lions Members Socializing

L-R: Michel Bourassa, John Money

Socializing at a Lions Club event. (Christmas Party?)

Christmas Lions Dinner

L-R; Jennifer Nilsen, Chelsea Money, Ellen Bourassa & Carol Money. In the background behind Ellen is Brian Haley, John Money and Patti Haley.

Saturna Lions Club Article for Scribbler

The Saturna Lions Club- Carol Money.pdf
This is an article written by Carol Money for the Saturna Scribbler about some of the history of the Lions Club.