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Laura & Jamie Carpentier's Wedding

Laura & Jamie.jpeg
John and Carol Money put on the wedding for Laura & Jamie. Laura was John's sister Betty's daughter and we were very fond of her. She was living on Saturna and soon caught the eye of Jamie.
Jamie was the son of Betty & Geno Carpentier who lived at the corner of Waveney Road & Sunset Boulevard, and he grew up on Saturna Island.
They were married…

Laurel (Cunningham) & Jim Dunkley's Wedding

Laurie and Jim 1.jpeg
Laurel (Laurie) Cunningham was the daughter of Lill and Don Cunningham. Don was the nephew of Lou Money.
Laurie & Jim were married on August 20, 1988 at St. Christopher's Church, followed by a lovely dinner put on by the Saturna Island Women's Service Club at the Saturna Community Hall.
Cara Money was the flower girl wearing a beautiful dress and…

Polly Howarth

This is a picture of Polly Howarth. This one was taken at Jim & Lou's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration at Carol Money's home on October 15th, 1985.
Polly has a love of jewelry. She was always dressed up, even when gardening and she loved her gardening! But she would be perfectly coordinated and dressed up, even in the garden.
She was a lovely…

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Tracey Pillsbury

Tracey Pillsbury was a truly gracious woman.
When young women moved to the island, she often enjoyed inviting them over for a visit to get to know them. Out would come the good Irish linen with the beautiful lace trim, matching napkins, and a lovely "proper" tea with all the fixings.
She was a teacher of Home Economics.
Her husband had been a…

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Davina Vincent

Davina Vincent was a kind, very quiet, patient woman whose husband was Jack Vincent.
They lived in the panabode house on the west side of the log house at East Point that is close to the water when you are driving on Tumbo Channel Road.

Louise (Lou) & James (Jim) 50th Wedding Anniversary

Lou and Jim.jpeg
L-R: George Whiting, Jim, Lou & Doug Money.

George Whiting sits on the fireplace hearth next to Jim during the celebration Lou & Jim's 50th Wedding Anniversary at Carol Money's house.
George & his wife Edie lived in the 2 story white house that he built on Payne Road across from where Boot Cove Road meets Payne.
George was a tireless community…

Lill Cunningham Singing

L-R: Susan Lindsay, Flo House, Lill Cunningham singing, John Scott, Judy Tipple & Paula Scott.

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Margaret Fry's 80th B'day

A picture of Margaret Fry holding a flower arrangement.

On the back of this picture that Carol Money received from Margaret, it says "Carol, A momento of the beautiful flower arrangement with the b'day 'girl'. Margaret."

Bob Rodway and Fergie Blane

L-R: Bob Rodway, Fergie Blane

Robert (Bob) Rodway (aka Lions long term Santa Claus) sitting with Fergus (Fergie) Blane at Carol Money's house on the occasion of Jim & Lou's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Bob was a very nice man who worked tirelessly for the Lions Club and also enjoyed gardening. He and his wife Vera lived on the waterside at…

Lions Remembrance Day Ceremony

L-R: Chelsea Money, Maryrose Paulin, Nancy Gerber, Wayne Quinn, unknown Lions dignitary.

Standing during the Lions Remembrance day ceremony.

Two Lions Club Members

Linda Sohier & Kathy Stonehouse socializing as the Christmas Lions event.

Christmas Speech

Lion President Wayne Quinn stands at a podium during the Lions Club Christmas event.

Lions Club Members on Remembrance Day

L-R: Unknown female, unknown male: both off island Lion dignitaries, President Wayne Quinn, Secretary Chelsea Money, Ingrid Gaines

Members sit around a table as part of the Lion's remembrance day activities.

Lions Remembrance Day Ceremony

L-R: Mary Rose Paulin, Nancy Gerber, Chelsea Money, Wayne Quinn & unknown Lions dignitary from off-island.

The Lions remembrance day ceremony.

Lions Members Socializing

L-R: Michel Bourassa, John Money

Socializing at a Lions Club event. (Christmas Party?)

Christmas Lions Dinner

L-R; Jennifer Nilsen, Chelsea Money, Ellen Bourassa & Carol Money. In the background behind Ellen is Brian Haley, John Money and Patti Haley.

New Years on Saturna Island

The annual New Years Day Saturna field hockey game.

Loading Lambs for the Lamb BBQ
Priscilla Ewbank and Dick Wallenta loading the lambs from the Community Hall early in the morning of July 1st to take to the site at Winter Cove.

Boats at the Lamb Barbecue
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