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Desiree and Santa

Here is Desiree Money, in her mouse costume for the Christmas play, getting a delightful present.
The Saturna Lions Club always provided a Santa Claus and someone to hand out the presents at the school's Christmas Concert. Lion Bob Rodway, as Santa Claus, and Lion Ian MacNeil as Santa's Helper did this job for many, many years.

Kate Vigneault

Kate Vigneault presenting a SWSC book gift to Reaghan Sohier/Gaines at the Saturna Elementary School.

Doing the Cakewalk

Member with bunny ears is Sue Kendall. Others are participants of the Easter Cake Walk

Kitty Payne

Kitty (Katherine, born 1900) standing beside a shell in front of the Payne House at Breezy Bay

Christmas Concert at the Hall
Aaron Money and Kevin Davidson at the kids Christmas Concert at the Community Hall

Kevin as "The Devil"
Kevin Davidson dressed as "The Devil" for Halloween at the Community Hall

Dracula AKA Clint at the Hall
Clint dressed up as Dracula for Halloween at the Community Hall

Kids at the Hall in their Halloween Costumes
School kids in their halloween costumes at the Community Hall. Clint Davidson, Nany and Ingrid Gaines

Clint in Costume
Clint Davidson in his halloween costume at the Community Hall

Christmas at the Community Hall
Geri Crooks with Clint Davidson going to see Santa

Play School at the Community Hall
Kids in play school at the hall. L-R Donny Bouche, Faedra Campbell, Clint Davidson, Ingrid Gaines, Caitlin Hayes

Advertising the Saturna Kids Concert
School kids advertising the concert at the Community Hall. L-R Morgan Pearse, Mitch Pearse, Kaleb Walker, Allison Gaines, Celine Spears

End of the School Year
School kids at the end of the year outside of the Community Hall. L-R Mitchell Pearse, Morgan Pearse, Allison Gaines, Kaleb Walker and Celine Spears.

Kids Getting Ready for a Race
Kid's games at the Lamb BBQ

School Christmas Concert 1987
L-R back row: Stuart Middleditch, Ashleigh Siemens, Jesse Guy, Kalai Hollings, Mike Garth, Eric Seimens, David Andrews, Corinne House, Miranda Middleditch, Simone Germaine, Andrew Money. L-R second row: unkown, Derita Miller, Aaron Money, Aja Hollings, unkown. L-R front row: unkown, David Miller, Brent Sohier, Lea Sohier, Lee Drafford. (unknown areā€¦

Desiree and Santa
Back reads: "Desiree Money on Santa Bob Rodway's knee, Lion Ian McNeil (Lighthouse Keeper) handing presents"

School Christmas Concert 1988
L-R: Jessica Emerson, Colin Branicki, Cara Money, Miranda Middleditch, Jesse Guy, Eric Siemens, Corinne House

School Christmas Concert 1988
Back reads "Didn't get all the kids in School that year!" L-R back row: Cory Nelson, Andrew Money, Fergus Oglivie, Lee Trafford, David Miller, Leslie Sohier, Aaron Money. L-R front row: Miranda Middleditch, Kalai Hollings, Corinne House, Eric Siemens, Michael Garth, Jesse Guy. On bench: Kindergartens

Playing at East Point
Janet Wellburn and Danny Fletcher

Danny Fletcher in Halloween Costume
Danny Fletcher at East Point Light Station in his Halloween costume