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Chase Home Movie

Video showing when Donald Chase first anchored (he was 13); first time meeting Kathleen and Andrew Ritchie. At East Point.

Picnic on the Beach
Picnic on the beach. Kathleen Ritchie, Andrew Ritchie, Donald Chase, the rest unknown

Boats at the Lamb Barbecue
View full record for details.

Boaters Heading to the Barbecue
People attending the Lamb BBQ at Saturna Beach

Nail Driving at the Lamb BBQ
Women's nail driving contest. Second from the right may be Mrs. Slater, the Saturna Elementary school teacher at the time.

Pig Diapering
Pig diapering contest at the Lamb BBQ

Games at the Barbecue
Kids games at the Lamb BBQ. Bill Money and Barry Crooks are in the photo.

Cooking the Lambs at the Barbecue
Jim Cruikshank and Eddie Reid cooking lamb for the Lamb BBQ

Jim Cruikshank
Portrait of Jim Cruikshank cooking the lamb at the Lamb BBQ

Jim Campbell
Portrait of Jim Campbell cooking the lamb at the Lamb BBQ

Jim Campbell
Portrait of Jim Campbell

Arthur Ralph
Portrait of Arthur Ralph

Eddie Reid
Portrait of Eddie Reid

Jim Money
Portrait of Jim Money

Anne Bavis at the Lamb BBQ
Anne Bavis in the women-only nail driving competition

Mrs. Warlow at the Piano
Mrs. Warlow at the Piano. This photo appears in a series of photos from Christmas Dinner at the Community Hall.

Christmas Decorations at the Hall
Christmas Dinner at the Community Hall

Gloria Manzano and Arthur Ralph
Gloria Manzano with her grandfather Arthur Ralph at Narvaez Bay.