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This archive is volunteer-run, and we need all the help we can get. If you live on Saturna, or have a familial or other historical connection to the island, then this is your archive, and we would love for you to get involved. Here are three ways you can contribute to the Saturna Island Heritage Archive:

Contribute materials for archiving. Do you have some historical materials that you'd like to see digitized, catalogued, and archived? If so, you can contact the Heritage Centre to set up a donation or loan. Telephone us at 250-438-5547, or email the centre at for more information. The Heritage Archive is currently focusing on gathering images of Saturna Island from prior to 1965, although any materials of historical interest will be given consideration.

Make an exhibit. Our website features the ability to make 'exhibits' - that is, collections of hand-picked items from the archive accompanied by a write-up (you can browse our current exhibits to see some examples). Let's say you found several images that share a historical connection, tell an interesting story about island life, or simply showcase a particular person, family, or event. You can turn those items into a public exhibit and share it with the world. Exhibits make for a fun and interesting way to turn the raw data of our archive into curated narratives, and, best of all, they're simple to make. If you have a good idea for an online exhibit, we want to hear about it! Telephone us at 250-438-5547 or email, and we'll begin discussing your idea.

Comment on our collections! Do you recognize a person or place in one of our photos that we haven't yet labelled? Have you noticed a detail that we got wrong? Do you simply want to start a discussion? We often work with limited information, and we greatly value the local knowledge and opinions of those living on or connected with Saturna Island. Please feel free to use the 'Comment' section beneath any collection, exhibit, or item to offer your input. We only ask that you be respectful of the archive's subjects and visitors.

Happy participating,
The Saturna Island Heritage Centre.