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Items from "Community Club Lamb BBQ Collection": 8

Anne Bavis in women-only hammer hitting competition
photograph: bw. Image of Anne Bavis hitting a hammer into a log.

Parade at the barbecue
photograph: cl. Image of parade at the barbecue. Mounties. Jim Campbell. Lorraine Campbell.

Lambs roasting in Hunter Field.
photograph: cl. Image of lambs roasting around a spit.

Kids getting ready for a race
photograph: bw. Image of kids preparing for some kind of race.

Face painting at the lamb BBQ.
photograph: bw. Image of child getting their face painted.

Preparing the lamb.
photograph: cl. Image of lambs getting set up and ready for roasting.

Clowns at the BBQ.
photograph: cl. Image of clowns at lamb BBQ.

Pleasure craft at the lamb BBQ'
photograph: bw. Image of boats at the lamb BBQ.