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Gerald Payne and a Heavily Laden Ox Cart

Gerald Payne haying with Bismarck the Ox on his ranch at Breezy Bay

Plowing on Saturna

Possibly Warburton Pike plowing his land near Saturna beach

Gerald Payne's Ranch

Gerry's Ranch at Breezy Bay. The photo shows the Payne House and barn.

Gerald Payne's Ranch

Gerry Payne's ranch; looking towards Boot Cove

The Georgesons at Narvaez Bay
Scrapbook page with mounted black and white photographs. Top & Bottom - Jean and Joan Georgeson. Left - Uncle Art. Right - Eddie Reid (of Narvaez Bay Farm).

Margaret and Art Ralph with their father Arthur Ralph
Picture of Margaret and Art with their father Arthur Ralph. Girl in foreground unknown.

Jim Campbell Milking a Cow
Jim Campbell squirting cow's milk into the cat's mouth

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Jim and Jacques Campbell
Jim Campbell with Jacques Campbell on a tractor

Jim Campbell with a Foal
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Jim Campbell and a Co-Worker
Jim Campbell and a Co-Worker with a fallen big tree

Jim and Lorraine Campbell
Jim and Lorraine Campbell in front of their home

Two people haying on the Payne’s ranch at Breezy Bay

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Gerald Payne’s Ranch
Note reads, "G.B.D., Dolly, Mrs. Higgs + child". At Breezy Bay Farm looking towards Boot Cove

Gerald Payne’s Ranch
Note reads, "Gerry's ranch". At Breezy Bay looking towards Boot Bay [Cove].

photograph : bw ; 11 x 7 cm. Image shows a woman standing beside a hay cart.

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Ploughing the Field at Narvaez Bay
Eddie Reid and unknown ploughing the field with a truck. Note on the back reads, "One of the cabins, also a tiny corner of water in the bay."

Hay Wagon at Breezy Bay
photograph : bw.

photograph : bw.

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photograph : bw.

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