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Warburton Pike's Home and Friends

Warburton Pike's home at what is now Thomson Park.

Warburton Pike's House

Painting of Warburton Pike's house at what is now Thomson Park

The First Store and Post Office

The first store and post office on Saturna at Saturna Beach. Built by Warburton Pike.

Plowing on Saturna

Possibly Warburton Pike plowing his land near Saturna beach

Dyne Residence

George and Katie Bradley-Dyne's residence (previously Warburton Pike's home) on what is now Thomson Park.

The Lamb BBQ
Lambs roasting at July 1st Lamb Barbecue at Saturna Beach.

Sack Races
The children's sack race at the Lamb BBQ.

Cookhouse at Saturna Beach
Three people working in cookhouse prepping for the Lamb BBQ. Note on back reads "In the cookhouse preparing coleslaw".

Cooking the Lambs at the Lamb BBQ
The chefs could be Ron Banner or Jim Campbell (left) and Jim Cruikshank (right)

The Lamb BBQ
Cooking the lambs at the Lamb BBQ at Thomson Park. Note on back reads "John [Money] believes that Mr. Cruikshank is the man standing at far left scratching his ear. Jim started the tradition of racking lambs which he learnt to do in Argentina."

Jim Campbell could be the man carving.

Ron Banner and Jim Cruikshank
Picture of Ron Banner and Jim Cruikshank (mostly cut out) crouching in front of roasting lambs at the Lamb BBQ at Thomson Park.

Note on back reads "Workbee outside of Saturna Beach cook house 50's - Lou Money lifting pressure cooker off camp stove - Jean Howarth in Capri pants & smoking cigarette in background".

The Lamb BBQ
Close-up of roasting lambs at the Lamb BBQ at Thomson Park

The Lamb BBQ
Picture of lambs roasting with some people standing around at the Lamb BBQ at Thomson Park

Saturna Beach
Picture of man on Saturna Beach at the Lamb Barbecue about to board a boat.

Woden the Goat
The Campbell's goat, Woden, balancing on a raft at Saturna Beach.

Saturna Beach
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The Campbells
Jim Campbell with his sister Mim McKinnon and brother Charlie Campbell

Jim Campbell in a Row Boat
Jim Campbell rowing to the Ann Elizabeth

Jim Campbell Rowing
Jim Campbell in a row boat at Saturna Beach