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Eddie Ried with Car and Shot Deer

Eddie Ried.JPG
Eddie Ried is standing with his shot deer and car.

Gerald Payne and a Heavily Laden Ox Cart

Gerald Payne haying with Bismarck the Ox on his ranch at Breezy Bay

Katie Bradley-Dyne on Horseback

Katie on her horse, Nellie, in front of her home in Saanich.

Crow and Cat at East Point
Note on back reads: "White Cloud + The Crow 1963, Saturna East Point"

Danny Fletcher at East Point
Note on back reads "Danny Fletcher and bantam - East Pt 62"

Chickens at East Point
The chickens in front of the coop.

Chicken at East Point
Note on back reads "Mr Duce - East Point 62".

The Fletchers at East Point
Peter and Dan Fletcher. Note on back reads "Chicken killer, twice sucessfully (Goshawk)".

Birdy at East Point
Birdy the tame crow on the swimming pool.

Birdy at East Point
Birdy the tame crow by the lighthouse.

George Wellburn and Birdy at East Point
George Wellburn with Birdy the tame crow by the lighthouse.

Woden the Goat
The Campbell's goat, Woden, balancing on a raft at Saturna Beach.

Unknown Woman
Woman with a smiling goat

Dad's Pet Deer
The image shows Joan Georgeson and Mrs. Jackson and a collared fawn sitting on a deck. Notes in margins read, "[Top] Grannie Georgeson, [Bottom] Grannie Jackson, [Right] Dad's pet deer." Post office where the gas pumps are now.

Margaret Denham and Bunty Dog
Image of a girl holding a dog in a garden. The accompanying note reads, "13 yrs."

Margaret Denham with a Fawn
The image shows Margaret Denham as a girl sitting with a fawn.

Arthur Ralph Sr. and Dog
The image shows Arthur Ralph Sr. with a walking stick and holding a dog.

Three Children Riding Horses
There is damage in the upper-right corner. The image shows three children sitting on horses. Names unknown.