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Christmas Lions Dinner

L-R; Jennifer Nilsen, Chelsea Money, Ellen Bourassa & Carol Money. In the background behind Ellen is Brian Haley, John Money and Patti Haley.

Granny Georgeson

Granny Georgeson.JPG
Granny Georgeson sit on the steps at a house (currently unknown location).

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Eddie Ried with Car and Shot Deer

Eddie Ried.JPG
Eddie Ried is standing with his shot deer and car.

Saturna's Nurses

L-R; Donna Curwen, Bev Bruce, Lorna Archer-Quinn

Donna Curwen was the nurse before Lorna Archer-Quinn, and Bev Bruce was the medical office assistant for many years before 2005, and a few years afterward.

Lorna Archer-Quinn nursed on a part-time basis from 2005 until 2014 when she retired. Since then the island has not had an 'on island'…

Saturna's Nurses

In memory of Saturna's Nurses.

L-R; Polly Howarth, Marjorie Ratzlaff, Hazel Piper

These nurses helped provide Medical Services in earlier days, on a volunteer basis. They used their skills to fill in where medical services were lacking at the old medical clinic in the Firehall. They worked alongside Muriel ‘Tim” Crooks, and Hazel…

Kate Vigneault

Kate Vigneault presenting a SWSC book gift to Reaghan Sohier/Gaines at the Saturna Elementary School.

Christmas Gift Bags

Back row : Bev Lowsley, Kathy Stonehouse, Jane Dixon Warren, Geri Crooks, Bettianne Hayward, Nancy Gerber, Judy Tipple

Front row: Jean Morgan, Donna Digance, Gaye Oreskovic

Year-end Luncheon

Left front: Jody Bavis, Lorraine Campbell, Sandra Koochin, Lorna Archer Quinn, Jane Dixon Warren
Right front: Diane Robertson, Marie m
Mackie, Sandy Crowley.

Women's Service Club Meeting

Saturna Women's Service Club meeting at the home of Carol Money.

Back row: Kathy Stonehouse, Joan Dickey, Pam Brown, Bev Lowsley, Gitte Nelson, Lorna Archer Quinn, Sylvia Shirran, Jackie Campbell, Geri Crooks
Front Row: Sandy Crowley, Judy Tipple, Lorraine Campbell, Joyce Yasui, Donna Digance, In front Carol Money

Memorial Tea

Event 2018.jpg
L-R; Bev Lowsley, Kate Vigneault, Sandra Koochin

SWSC Community Dinner Cooks

Community Dinner Cooks 2008.jpg
Sandi Crowley, Sandra Koochin, Lorna Archer Quinn, Joan Dickey

Tree planting in memory of Sandi Crowley

Sandi's tree -1.jpg
Back Row, Sue Syverson, Heather Vallee, Harvey Jantzen, Kathy Stonehouse, Donna Curwen, Geri Crooks, Joan Dickey, Sandra Koochin, Pam Jantzen, Judy Tipple, Jacques Campbell

Front Row: Bev Lowsley, Jodi Bavis, Gaye Oreskovic, Donna Digance,Joyce

Prepping for an event

L-R; Shannon DeMann, Jean Morgan, Geri Crooks, Kathy Stonehouse, Barb Woods, Joyce Yasui,
In back Bev Lowsley and ? Carmen Craioveanu

Group Picture of the Women's Service Club

SWSC Nov 17 2021 at 72.jpg
Back Row: Judy Tipple, Debbie Lesurf, Jacques Campbell, Barb Woods, Heather Vallee, Jo Holland, Geri Crooks, Donna Stolting Jane Stokes
Front Row seated: Joyce Yasui, Carmen Craioveanu, Kathy Stonehouse, Karen Krieger, Monica Blackhall

Christmas Gift Bags

SWSC Christmas gift bags.jpg
Judy Tipple, Bev Lowsley, Jane Stokes, Joan Dickey, Gaye Oreskovic,Sue Syverson, Sandra Koochin, Donna Digance, Joyce Yasui. Standing in front of the Christmas Gift Bags event created by the Women's Service Club.

Doing the Cakewalk

Member with bunny ears is Sue Kendall. Others are participants of the Easter Cake Walk

Women's Service Club Easter Plant Sale

L-R; Donna Digance, Barb Woods, Bev Lowsley, Gaye Oreskovic sitting at a table, working at the Easter plant sale. They are sitting and folding ticket stubs before the draw.

Women's Service Club Table of Baked Goodies

L-R; Judy Tipple, Jane Stokes, and Geri Crooks standing in front of the table of delicious backed goodies.

Mr. Reid and Mrs. Ralph at a House in Boot Cove

L-R; Eddie Reid and Mrs. Raulph standing in front of a house in Boot Cove. House is now demaintained? House on Nepenthe property.

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Rice Ovens at the Lamb BBQ

L-R; Barb Tinglin? and Karen Muntean sitting by the Spanish rice ovens and the Lamb BBq in the mid-1990s?.