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The First Store and Post Office

The first store and post office on Saturna at Saturna Beach. Built by Warburton Pike.

Lyall Harbour Dock and Store
Behind, left, is the fuel dispenser shed. The building uphill (where the fuel pumps are today) is the store and post office run by the Jacksons.

Gloria Manzano in Front of Boot Cove Store
Picture of Gloria Manzano in the snow in front of her grandfather's store.

Saturna Beach
Note reads, "Saturna wharf. House of Pike. Store." The store and post office are to the left and Warburton Pike’s house is to the right.

Fuel Dock with Store Behind
photograph : bw. Saturna Point. The store is where the fuel docks are now. The fuel dock looks to be on a float on the water.

Ralph's Store in Boot Cove
"This store was built and operated by Joan and Arthur Ralph; the building that has become Grant Dickey's house at 101 Boot Cove Road now. In those days Boot Cove Road came past this store and entered onto East Point Road where Bev Neff and Mike Davis live now at 114 East Point Road. The then owner of 114 East Point Road blocked the road from going…