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On Saturna

Unknown woman and place

The Georgesons
Scrapbook page with mounted black and white photographs.

In the Garden
Possibly Roberta Georgeson and unknown girl. Pink colouration not part of photo. Note on back reads "Saturna".

Children's Concert at the Hall
Children performing on the Community Hall stage. Most likely a Christmas Concert

On The Boat from Shoal Harbour Sidney
Picture of at least 12 people on the deck of a boat. Note on back reads "Boat 'Captain Morban'."

Men in a Boat
Image shows two men in a boat in Breezy Bay

Men in a Boat
Image shows four men in a small boat.

Unknown Baby
Image shows a baby in a crate outdoors.

Unknown Baby
Image shows a baby in a carriage outdoors.

Unknown Woman
Woman with a smiling goat

Unknown Men
Image shows two men climbing from the deck of a sailboat onto a cliff.

Men Hunting
Image shows five men, two with rifles, sitting outdoors by some rocks.

A Cabin in the Mountains
Image shows a cabin reflected in a body of water, with two men standing nearby. This photo was not taken on Saturna.

Three Men on a Dock
Image shows a man tying a dinghy to a dock while two others watch.

Men on a Sailboat
Possibly Payne Brothers?

Unknown Man
Image shows a man standing outdoors.

Woman Walking with Parasol
Possibly Bess Payne? Wife of Gerald Payne

On a Sailboat in Boot Bay
Members of the Payne Family in what is now Boot Cove.

Unknown Portrait
Man in British Army Uniform

Unknown Portrait
View full record for details.