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Items from "Saturna Island Community Club Collection": 94

School Trip to Montreal Expo 1967
Wally Bavis, Donald Davidson, Paul Toybhee, Dave Connor, Barry Carpentier, Stacey Bavis, Debbie McDonald, Jaques Campbell, Debbie Duncan, Gordon Bavis, Tony Tucker, Jennifer Humphries, Shane Davidson, Betsy Elliot, Janice Dixon, Nicola Toynbee, Nan Campbell, Debbie Lawson, Lynn Connor

Saturna School Class Photo
Diane Simisloski, John Davidson, Arthur Carpentier, Jackie Turner, Dale Lawson, Shirlanne Johnson, Jeanette Carpentier, Casey Carpentier, Jennifer Davidson, Shelley Crooks, Tina King, Jamie Carpentier, Mary Jane Davidson, Sandra Simisloski, Sandra Crooks, Stephen Lawson, Roger Lawson

Saturna School Class Photo
Mrs Hindmarch, Shelley Crooks, Sam Crooks, Jeanette Walker, Shirlanne Johnson, Tina King, Casey Carpenter, Dale Lawson, Jack Turner, Steve Lawson.

Halloween at the Community Hall
People in costume posing outside the Community Hall. Margaret Ralph with the stars, and her mother behind her. Ruby Kay on extreme left. Note on the back reads, "2 - Georgeson. 1 - Margaret[?]"

Jack Rush
Jack Rush sitting in the shade of a truck at the Lamb BBQ. He first came to Saturna in 1946 and built a summer cabin in Boot Cove.

Carving the Lambs
Jon Guy (left) and Hubertus Surm carving the lambs at the Lamb BBQ

Sack Races
The children's sack race at the Lamb BBQ.

Cookhouse at Saturna Beach
Three people working in cookhouse prepping for the Lamb BBQ. Note on back reads "In the cookhouse preparing coleslaw".

Lambs Roasting
Cooking the lambs at the Lamb BBQ. Note on back reads "SWSC" (Saturna Women's Service Club).

Cooking the Lambs at the Lamb BBQ
The chefs could be Ron Banner or Jim Campbell (left) and Jim Cruikshank (right)

The Lamb BBQ
Cooking the lambs at the Lamb BBQ at Thomson Park. Note on back reads "John [Money] believes that Mr. Cruikshank is the man standing at far left scratching his ear. Jim started the tradition of racking lambs which he learnt to do in Argentina."

Jim Campbell could be the man carving.

Ron Banner and Jim Cruikshank
Picture of Ron Banner and Jim Cruikshank (mostly cut out) crouching in front of roasting lambs at the Lamb BBQ at Thomson Park.

Note on back reads "Workbee outside of Saturna Beach cook house 50's - Lou Money lifting pressure cooker off camp stove - Jean Howarth in Capri pants & smoking cigarette in background".

Drink To Your Health!
Dayle Johnson and Melanie Gaines selling tickets for the beer garden at the Lamb BBQ. Note on back reads "SWSC".

The Lamb BBQ
Close-up of roasting lambs at the Lamb BBQ at Thomson Park

The Lamb BBQ
Picture of lambs roasting with some people standing around at the Lamb BBQ at Thomson Park

On The Boat from Shoal Harbour Sidney
Picture of at least 12 people on the deck of a boat. Note on back reads "Boat 'Captain Morban'."

Saturna Beach
Picture of man on Saturna Beach at the Lamb Barbecue about to board a boat.

Lou Money and Gavin Mouat
Picture of lamb being served at a Community Club barbecue.

Lamb BBQ Newspaper Clippings
Newspaper article of Saturna Island Lamb Barbecue